Monday, 16 July 2012

Love Labels? Choose to Reuse!

We all know that fashion trends will inevitably die and be reborn in a similar form again (although there is no telling how soon or in what form this will take place) one way or another. Kind of like Jesus perhaps.
Does this means that we ought to hang onto those old clothes, even the ones that are so ‘last season’?
First things first: You can still say goodbye to that old trench and be ethical, because as much as we love clothes to be reborn, there is only a certain amount of wardrobe space. Try swish swapping! It is becoming more popular, and some of the big name clothes retailers are now sitting up and taking notice. Marks and Spencer’s are an example of this fresh new attitude; they have started up their very own Shwop scheme. One in which you are invited to bring in and drop off an item of ‘old’ or unwanted clothing. You can then drop it off when buying new clothes. They will then work with larger organisations to reuse and recycle your pre loved (or perhaps not so ‘pre loved’) clothes.  
From an ethical point of view it is a very worthwhile practice. The general reusing of clothes could mean that there would be less demand for new clothes, less wastage and demand for poorer countries to work tirelessly in sweatshops for meagre wages.
From a Fashion viewpoint keeping those old clothes is brilliant! Especially now, it seems like everyone and their aunt is getting on the vintage bandwagon. Women everywhere love anything retro and it’s about more than just dressing up for a fancy dress party. Themed parties are all the rage, and it is surprising, post-childhood, how much you’re required to find an outfit for obscure dress up themes. Second hand clothes websites are a fabulous way of picking up genuine period clothing for next to nothing- whether it’s the forties and fifties or the swinging sixties you are into.  
Another great reason to shop for second hand clothes online is that in so many cases they may not have even been worn, even better: Hardly worn at all. But the price in so many cases will reflect that they are second hand items. With some savvy shopping you can get a great bargain for half the price or maybe even less. Even more so when talking about designer labels!

It’s all about looking a million pounds without having to spend a million pounds- or anywhere near it! Check out House of Beth’s amazing selection of pre-loved clothing along with great new designers. Among the names there are All Saints, Paul Smith, Cath Kidston, Vivienne Westwood, and Karen Millen. The handpicked items at the House of Beth online website show that reusable fashion can offer you some real steals! Fabulous for those of us with a lust for labels but a restricted budget!
By Hema Rishi

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