Tuesday, 25 February 2014

The Reality of Fashion Week

The fashion weeks are almost over, and as usual I am left with that bittersweet feeling of total inspiration and yet, niggling frustration that the creative outpourings of so many designers will never quite reach the high street or my wardrobe. True, you can get a sort of knock off trend effect, but to me these trend-led viscose replicas reduces the creativity coming from the catwalk to such an extent, you wondered why you liked it in the first place. 
And you can ‘net-a-porter sale’ me all you like, but even when these glorious days arrive, the controversial Prada face dresses and the applique fox coat of Dolce & Gabbana’s most recent season will either not be there or they will still be unaffordable. What will be affordable are the plain garments with the designer label attached. True, they are cut with all the quality (although still without the ethical credibility) that the loose cut plain tee can muster, but these aren’t the show-stopping investment pieces that my heart yearns for.
Of course there is always House of Beth, which showcases designer clothes for affordable discounted prices, and a bit of ebay and vintage if you fancy a search mission! There are also new up and coming designers to look out for at graduate shows and at UCL Modo society, which we are proud to support and collaborate with, at their MODO ROXX show this Wednesday and Thursday!
Personally I am hoping to nab some new designer’s pieces and have something fabulous to wear that will rescue me from my despairing boredom of high street wear.
In the meantime, check out a few of our favourite shows so far from fashion week! From the applique magnificence of Dolce & Gabbana, to the print-gasmic show of ethical fashion designer Stella Jean and DVF to the constant brilliance of Christopher Bailey and Vivienne Westwood and the inventive passion of the CSM grads – there is a feast for the eyes.!

By Rosalind Kendal

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