Thursday, 14 July 2016

I mean, Check out that scarecrow!

scarecrow at the Weizman
Remember last time, when I said the Summer had been pretty great? Well I spoke to soon. Our summer finished halfway through June and now we are back to good old rain and wind which to be honest I don't mind. I have just spent 11 days in Israel reminding me I could never live in a hot country, even if their food markets are bursting with watermelon, basil, tomatoes, basically everything and we only JUST have carrots.  Still, I have harvested my first potatoes and one of my tomatoes is finally turning red!


Well I was in Israel for 11 days so I got to see a whole bunch of lovely people there. Adina managed to put up with me for 9 so that was pretty impressive. It was so nice hanging out with Emma (and fam!) watching her cook while I sat in front of the fan.

Me and dad
We also had a whole load of guests before and after Israel which has been so fun. Miyako came for her birthday and we went to the hotel for the fanciest meal you can get on the west coast of Ireland. It was nice to get out of farming clothes for a bit.  And some international guests! Yuval from Israel, Sabine and Yudit from Switzerland and even some of my parents old friends came for dinner from Germany. And our favourite returning guest Craig :)


Oh I am so deeply into it right now. The shop has been doing well so I have been increasing output to include: Sauerkrauts, sugared ginger, rose sweets, tea, rose syrup, elderflower and mint cordial, other cordials and even dog biscuits from the spent grain from Josh's brewery... I have also been harvesting the Fuchsia flowers because they are edible!
dog biscuits

These are for the Dandelion wine which will be ready soon:

josh's hands


First potatoes, mini carrots,  beetroot, turnip (finished now), broad beans TONS OF SALAD which I am selling at the shop, herbs, first red tomato and doing a whole lot of foraging.

me and carrots

Jerusalem artichoke taking over
new potatoes and beetroot

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