Wednesday, 18 April 2012

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My name is Marina and I come with love, insight, and a passion for fashion. (Ethical of course)
My aim is for you to gradually get to know me through my little snippets and posts on this blog – although just to let you know in advance that  'normal' doesn’t really toot my horn so expect some eccentricity and a bit of cheek. Nothing that Beth can’t handle!  
 I recently rummaged through House of Beth’s delights, and the first thing I noticed was that these clothes feel like your old friends; each one had a certain story and energy to them. These eclectic and intriguing garments exude a sweet nostalgia, providing you with an instant connection. This is what fashion, and the heart of my wardrobe, represents to me.

Whether it is your favourite Winter scarf, or even your lucky lace bra for those cheeky Bethlings out there, each garment in our wardrobe holds valuable memories which is why it is often so difficult letting go or giving these gems away.  House of Beth is unique in how it appreciates just how special your treasured clothes are, and sees the passing on of a garment as a gain rather than a loss. To one muggle it may be a shabby, bobble hat, but to Beth it may be a sentimental gift, or the hat she wore one White Christmas when she was blissfully in love. 
Fashion, is not, and should not be about, following disposable trends like lost sheep, or living by what's ‘hot’ on the catwalk, rather it should be your own personal adventure and opportunity to express your inner Beth -that sassy, intellectual, bright-eyed lady; that girl who reads literature on the tube whilst munching delicately on a croissant. Our bodies are smoothly carved canvases and the clothes we wear the rich paints, oils and colours that bring our unique tales and characters to life.
Without a doubt, I am sure each Beth has her own story to tell and her own gold to spin. 
Behind those brain cells and mauve moccasins, is a girl, lady, woman who wears her dreams, her visions, her novels on her sleeve. 
On that note I hope you will stay tuned to the near future, where I will be blogging, waffling even more, and psycho-analysing simultaneously. Be kind please! 
Peace and Love

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