Wednesday, 18 April 2012

marina blog picWhat's in a smell?

Well, everything. Every whiff of every scent can arouse memories in a  moment for us. Not only can sweet scents and potent fragrances we wear act as a magnet to others, but they can bring us back to fonder times….where passion and not so forgotten lovers are relived fresh as ever, in our minds once again.
In the words of Don Draper (Madmen), "Nothing can beat the sweet smell of Nostalgia, which is delicate but also extremely potent." It only takes a familiar scent on a stranger passing by me, to bring me back to my forever young 15 year old self, whose insecurities clouded almost everything. That first perfume I wore, when I had my first kiss on the Adriatic coast, even the butterflies flutter back to me when I smell that scent again. mm
Not only is our sense of smell deeply connected to our memory, it also has the power to create our sense of self, at a particular moment in time, our essences individuate us.

I personally  have different scents for different occasions, and even times of day. At work I'll wear a softer, fresh springtime fragrance; and in the evening I'll wear a muskier and fiercer fragrance. Of course, with this comes a change of outfit! On a daily basis I remind my male colleagues just what women have to go through, to be our ‘effortlessly’ naturally beautiful selves. To have the essence of a Rose and also appear as one….it is no easy task. But although I complain I only do so mockingly, because I rather enjoy it. :)
Maybe it’s my evolutionary self grooming coming through! I mean monkeys did it too! I've learnt that monkeys groom themselves to form closer bonds with one another, attract mates, and even to ward off potential predators. In that case I should start dousing my self with bug repellent. On a more serious note perhaps one could argue, thinking of Naomi Wolf the author of 'The Beauty Myth', that I too have been brainwashed by our beauty obsessed society. Whatever the case may be, I have no shame in admitting my love for Chloe Eu De Toilette for when I seize the day, and my spicier Gucci Guilty for my mischievous, nocturnal self.
There is a reason why every established, and reputable designer has taken on a team of perfumists to create their own essence to represent their brand, their style, their image. Our sweet aromas can help form a vision, an image about ourselves. If I'm honest my head turns when I am attracted to a great fragrance, and that person immediately becomes a little more interesting than they did before. That day time zesty aroma can give simple pastel coloured blouse and jeans a whole new story, and that enigmatic night time spice, can turn that little black dress, into an Old Hollywood wander-lust. Of course I am team perfume, but fragrance or no fragrance, we're all still made of stars. :)

Peace & Love

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