Monday, 7 May 2012

Lingerie ;)

Lingerie….painful and practical, or sensual and seductive?

Recently I have found myself thinking about Lingerie, amongst other equally important subjects, of course. Lustrous undergarments have remained popular across continents and throughout centuries. The Egyptians, Greeks and French professed their enjoyment in wearing intricate undergarments since time began, and today the world of Victoria’s Secret dominates many ladies’ lives. Indeed, I must confess, the purpose of lingerie, and the effect it  has on people, intrigues me.

Initially I've thought lingerie was simply gendered undergarments, both unnecessary and uncomfortable. I mean, are we supposed to be putting on a panto with these laced, frilled and feathered slinkies? Surely these midnight satins only serve for a mere moment in time, as before we know it they will be tossed away to a holier place.

But after various discussions with different friends, and my own little journey of discovery…I may be starting to view lingerie as having many different purposes, some practical, and some more passionate.

It all boils down to how lingerie makes us feel. Whether im riding solo, or having fun for two, I always make sure I wear what makes me feel good and dare I say it, sexy. Lingerie can come hand in hand with women’s sexual freedom, to express themselves and enjoy their bodies.  I get a cheeky kick from knowing that underneath my office attire, my modesty is preserved with sensual satin. Sod it, its not Victoria’s secret its mine! Not only do these fabrics make you feel special, but the right fitting underwear can turn you into the Mona Lisa, and your bedroom the Louvre. Well, Mona wasn’t a looker bless her, but you understand my point ! She (or he - as we all know the Mona was based on a man) was and is a centrepiece in the history of time, and had Leo Da Vinci under her (or his) thumb. The right fitting panties can emphasise your assets ie) give you a bottom that you initially don’t have, and make you feel a bit glorious.

If you feel sexy underneath, this will radiate to the outside world. When someone is confident in their own skin, they have that sparkle in their eyes, it shows in their walk and talk.  In fact, Marilyn Monroe’s famous wiggle when she walked, was due to her underwear, pinching certain areas where the sun don’t shine. Each woman has her own idea of beauty, to some, beaded and jewelled underwear is teasing and personally some lingerie can be a little too tacky for my taste. Keep it classy ladies! I'd choose delicate silk any day over dodgy dominatrix disasters. offence to those with nocturnal fetishes.

I do think something so private, can also be beautiful and elegant, giving us that striking silhouette. Yet, we could argue the very idea of lingerie is just another societal and cultural pressure that women succumb to, and that men have it easy with their cheeky basic briefs and Y fronts (each to their own)…while we are spending time and money in order to feel airbrushed when facing both them and of course our favourite friend, the mirror. Bastards. 

However after much deliberation, I feel that lingerie can serve as both practical and sensual, giving you longer lithe legs, and ample bosoms whilst also carving a confidence you never knew you had. Adam and Eve perused the holy Garden starkers with nothing more than a cheeky leaf preserving their modesty, so clearly the evolution of lingerie has come a long way. However when talking intimacy and nocturnal adventures, seductive and enticing lingerie is more like unwrapping an exquisite present, I mean the best part is underneath is it not?  Well ladies and gentlemen I'll conclude my stream of consciousness with a final thought, and that is that with or without our sensual undergarments, we should feel beautiful and confident just the way we are. Lady Gaga says we were born this way, I’ll agree with her on this one.

Peace & Love

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