Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Ten ways to wear it! 
The Jewellery Edition
So you have collected, nay amassed a small mountain of semi-precious gems as well as the odd piece of bizarre costume jewellery and accessories. Or perhaps you have that one off piece’s that has been collected whilst back-packing through Peru or Thailand, or been picked up from your favourite online boutique; market stall finds that you just have not been able to part with! Many of us are a little Magpie-like when it comes to our accessories. 

Then there are the ‘favourites’, a few key pieces that we love to wear over and over. However after a while even the most beautiful necklace or set of bangles can become a little bit staid.  So how can we keep these pieces fresh? By stylishly recycling them of course! Your accessories have more style possibilities than first meets the eye! Especially when it comes to experimental style: The possibilities really are endless! Here are our top ten tips on ways to wear your favourite bits and pieces:

Wrapping and layering- long necklaces look amazing double wrapped around your neck, but why not try that long beaded necklaces wrapped around your wrist? It will give the illusion that you are wearing a set of elaborate bracelets. Layering a mix of bracelets is a key season trend so mix it up with other bracelets you have for a fun festival look!

Pinning- Brooches are back big time, especially with the re-emergence of vintage fashion. For a bit of old school glamour try pinning a retro style brooch on your bag, at your waist, of with a scarf. At the base of a Trilby hat is a great way to wear your pin back brooch! One of the most versatile styles of accessories jewellery around; it’s surprising what you can get away with. 

Bangles - As well as being on wrists why not try being a little eccentric with your bangles? Take that ultra-long beaded flapper style necklace and knot a bangle in it for an unusual and bohemian looking piece of statement jewellery! It’ll be a real conversation piece.  

On keys-have at odd Murano glass/Lamp work beaded earring left, after the other one went missing? Instead of throwing such a pretty bead away, why not try attaching it to a key ring? This would make a beautiful jewelled item that you will see all the time on your key chain, an ultra-easy way to brighten up every day.  

Bag charms- Bag decorations are a fantastic way to jazz up that plain colour block work bag. Just clip it on the strap of your bag or the link for a bit more personality for the corporate day. Like brooches, bag charms are a versatile style of personal adornment, some of the more elaborate ones can be added to a long chain for a statement necklace look too. 

Belt up!  A clever way to create the illusion of having a smaller waist is to use a brightly detailed necklace as a belt. The eye catching colours and shapes will attract the eye to the waist making it almost a avant garde show piece in its own right. Depending on the style of the outfit this idea can work wonders when worn loosely with a long gypsy style skirt, or as an added extra with that 1980’s inspired body con dress.
Hair Style - Have you got that old choker style necklace that just doesn’t do it anymore? Perhaps it’s lost a link? Don’t throw it away! Fascinators can be a wedding guest staple and this is the perfect opportunity to make your own! Take the centre piece of the choker and using bobby pins fasten in your hair for a more individual look!
Arm Cuffs-If you are like many petite women and have tiny wrists then the chances are that many bangles will not fit, feel uncomfortable and slip off your hands easily. Very annoying. Especially when you spot that gorgeously intricate silver tone bangle! So why not use it as an arm cuff? This would look very pretty especially with that lovely sleeveless Grecian style dress. There is no shame in going for that ‘Warrior princess’ style!
She’s a right scarf- A wonderfully versatile piece of clothing, the humble scarf really is the winner when it comes to experimenting. As a headscarf, hair bando, neck scarf tied loosely or tightly around the neck you can’t go wrong! How about wrapping your patterned silk scarf around your hair, add a brooch to go with it and create an arty vibe that keeps your neck cool this summer!

Waist not Want Not! Remember that old scarf that you were too in love with to give away? Along with a retro style chunky 80’s inspired metallic belt and some random clip on charms you could make an interesting piece of waist art! Try loosely braiding the two together and adding the charms for an eclectic/retro/stylish addition to your outfit. Try your ‘new belt’ around a t-shirt and over a boyfriend style cardigan!

See you soon!

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