Sunday, 10 June 2012

Style and how to get it at House of Beth

There are so many hot trends this summer that it’s dizzying! With Aztec and tribal style prints on practically everything, neon’s and pastels, vintage styles and so on it’s an almost impossible task to pick just one. Despite all this there seems to be prevalent throughout all these trends one thing- that is ‘originality’. It’s our season to make it our own! Here are a few tips to help begin your journey to fashion freedom...

 Think about styles and eras in fashion that you love

Are you a vivacious vintage vixen who adores those figure hugging styles of the 1940s and 50s? Take a lead from time trailblazers such as Dita Von Tesse. Or are you more of a Rockabilly Rebel with an eye for those cropped fitted jackets with your leopard printed pins? Do you find both of these styles and more appealing?
Take that fabulous inspiration and pick out pieces that convey these styles to you. Have fun with it and amalgamate them with the everyday! Even the simplest of pearls can be so Marilyn Monroe!
A great example can be seen in House of Beth’s collection of Audrey Hepburn inspired clothing. Who could forget the iconic little black dress with big bouffant hair in Breakfast at Tiffany’s? There are different versions of the LBD and much more in the collection based on the great lady herself. 

From left to right: I love this Didier Ludot Dress, as it adds instant vintage Hollywood style. House of Beth’s Charlie and Robin Black Short Jacket will make for a sensationally classy outfit! Teamed even with a fitted t-shirt and skinny jeans! The Harrods Knightsbrige David Charles Dress and Jacket sums up Audrey’s style completely!

Get that Style!

Once you have an idea of what you want – The real fun starts! There are many different ways of getting your paws on some fabulous fashion. You will often find that the best places to search are often not the ‘so obvious’ ones. Ethical and second hand shops, both on your high street and online are perfect places to search through. House of Beth showcases both second hand and Ethical designers who create one off pieces individual to you. With such a diverse collection you will be hard pressed to find anywhere else that could over such a diverse range.  

Be a Fashion Magpie!

Items of clothing will appeal to you for a variety of different reasons. Whether it’s the fabrics that dress or top is made from or the cut and colour of it. Perhaps you spied a dress in a shop window one time that instantly evoked some long lost memory and you had to have it? Whatever the case don’t be shy about mixing and matching clothes and accessories that you love. You don’t have to aim to ‘fashionably colour clash’ like the models in big name fashion magazines; you should simply feel awesome as you step out of your front door!

For some truly memorable clothing check out the uber-cool lines available through the House of Beth website! You can discover some very fashionably diverse pieces in the High Street Diffusion Range, with some recognisable names alongside the more exclusive brands.  

From left to right:
Truly a treasure trove of goodies: I love the blue and white handmade suit for total retro chic! The fitted brown and red striped and buttoned top from Mango and the stunning pink studded jumper top. All could be superb key pieces for your independently styled wardrobe!

See you soon!


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