Monday, 25 February 2013

London Fashion Week: Street Style

One of our favourite up and coming photographers, who captured the crowds at our event: Fashion for Freedom, has shared with us a delightful set of street style shots from London Fashion Week. Tom Selmon's photographs show us how everyone can get involved with their inner creative flair during London Fashion Week and we love how these images helps us identify new trends on the horizon, or already in your wardrobe!

Prada Catwalk 2013
The Prada sleeve - just featured on the runway - already a street style hit - as captured by Tom this week! Albeit slightly impractical, nevertheless we love it.
Cuffs on the street at London Fashion Week

Armani Catwalk 2013
We love the 1920s! And with Downton taking in their first flapper girl and The Great Gatsby on its way - designers such as Marras and Armani have taken note, from Bloomsbury to cloche flapper hats. We already love turbans and can't wait for more 1920s apparel to come to our stores.

Some are ahead of the game, showcasing 1920s turbans during LFW

Love it or hate it, fur is back on the map, thanks to Fendi's latest catwalk debut. With an Aztec meets punk style rather than an old-school 1950s glamour, fur is given a tribal make-over. Get involved with zebra prints, and straight lined jackets - but keep it simple. The beauty of the Fendi show was it's ability to keep it classy by combining fur with neutral basics.

Zebra print on sloane street during LFW

Mulberry show 2013

The trend of sleeves, alternately coloured to the body of the coat, remains on the catwalks and the streets. Cheering up london's mass of black and grey jackets without being garish or OTT, these sleeves will likely remain for seasons yet to come. Mulberry has taken it to a patterned english heritage level, while Burberry has brought it to the new metallic sweet-wrapper styled mac.

A model outside Tom Ford Catwalk wearing the latest trend

Want to see more exciting Street Style photos? Have a look at Tom Selmon's website full of London Fashion Week's finest.

By Rosalind Kendal

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