Wednesday, 23 April 2014

That time Talia went on a kind of Exodus ….Seder Night in a Yurt

I sang the Ma Nishtanah! First time ever! I was at the staff Seder with about 15 people and Aaron who is younger than me was working in the kitchen so before I knew it – there I was singing about why is this night so different? (Kind of a silly question as I was sitting in a Red Yurt round a seder plate with an Avocado, an Orange and some gulten-free Matzah among other things) I then proceeded to sing all by myself that song about all the Rabbis learning all night long which no one else seemed to know. I actually VOLUNTEERED to sing that because the point of the Seder was for people to just jump in when they knew a song, poem, had something to say etc. Really a bit like our Seder.  You might be wondering why on earth I volunteered to sing a song to a room of people silently waiting to hear my little voice  (especially as I am pretty sure there had only been one cup of wine by then?)
The thing about the farm is that everyone walks that fine line between being an exhibitionist and just wanting to share what they are good at in a way I have never experienced before. Not a day goes by where someone does not grab a ukulele and play me a song they know/wrote or read me a poem they composed.  At the beginning I found this both intimidating and embarrassing especially if it was emotional in anyway or they expected me to join in. However I have come to respect the difference between show-offs and the people who stay here. Show-offs always want you to listen to them whereas here for every poem they tell you, they want to hear one of yours (no I don't write poetry). It does not necessarily matter whether you can write poems or have a good voice, it is more about encouraging people – dare I say it – To Share.  If you can share something, everyone nods and smiles and enjoys the freedom that sharing in this kind of happy environment can bring. (Also some people are really good at singing here.)

So it was without a qualm in the world that I stood up and felt the full freedom of sharing at the Exodus as I belted out ‘Of Rabbi Eliezer the story is told…’ and I kid you not, a mildly insane but lovely woman wanted to record it. 

Meredith (the goat manager) is standing on the wobbliest ladder of all which I also have to stand on

Hex Drivers - yeah whatever :)

Chickens and compost

It snowed and was sunny so I needed my thermals, dungarees, scarf/hat and sunnies

Vegan Breakfast - I know I photographed my food but it just looked so healthy

The first GIN of the trip - it is local and UNBELIEVABLE

Not a Seder appropriate dress but I finally got down to my dream shop 'Reformation' in East Village when I spent the weekend in NY with my mermaid Alana 

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