Monday, 7 April 2014

Watched too many Midsummer Murders

Remember that time Talia voluntarily went to the country side (of which she is terrified) by herself...

I am scared of open spaces and now I am in a cabin in the woods a mile away from another human with a front door that barely closes - let alone locks.
It turns out the other two people who live in this unbelievably creepy cabin are in California till Friday. Having picked me up from the middle of nowhere Wassaic this nice lady Sarah fed me and introduced me to two other apprentices who live with her. Then she dropped me to my 'home' ... at 8 30pm. Spotify goes on immediately to try and calm me down and I start unpacking.
After about an hour I hear a noise in the dark living room and peer out my room. The fire place suddenly seems to have a roaring fire going. Did I mention I am the only one in the house? I quickly send an email to Sarah (there is no signal anywhere on the whole farm) how the f*** f*** f***** do I put out a spontaneously combusting fire?  20 mins later I go and check the fire place. The fire is out. There is no fire there. f******. I guess I am not alone in this house after all, I am obviously living with pyromaniac ghosts. Did I mention FUCK!

Thanks to the love of my life wifi, I spent the next few hours skyping Becca, Marisa, Gabriel, Alana and Becca some more until I decided to write this blog and go to sleep. I will be up early to moving some 'scrap' from one place to another. Luckily I have my outfit prepared.

    Creepy Corridor                Horribly scary fire starting for no reason

Sarah has two adorable cats


My scary room with three beds but one me and the kitchen with lots of windows for people to peer in.
The living room... it is dark outside 

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