Wednesday, 16 March 2016

I had socks on, but I gave them to a pilgrim....

Achill beach
We have had lots of visitors which has been so lovely for us! Alana flew all the way from New York and managed to get two jumping photos.  She joined us for the week and did what none of us have done before - took the train from Dublin to Westport - which was a success for future reference. We went to the deserted village, back to the Beehive, seeded some things, met a farmer and discussed at great length how everyone shops at Aldi now instead of buying the 99 Euro full lamb that he sells ....
Then Daisy and Gabriel came for a weekend and honestly, after eating ourselves sick, we climbed croagh patrick (the mountain opposite our house)- no joke! 
 Well Alana and Gabriel climbed to the top. Daisy and me were going to keep going but the wind got really strong and it turns out I am a bit frightened of wind so we went down at the half way point. On the way up there was this guy who was sitting down because his feet had been shredded by the climb up (he wasn't wearing shoes and the path is just rocks). Gabriel offered my socks to help him on his journey and he was much obliged. (Mum they were those pink socks you bought!) It is a bit of a  crazy pilgrim custom to climb Croagh Patrick barefoot...

In the evening when we got back, Felicity was there. Turns out I invited her for the wrong evening but Gabs and Daisy cooked a feast and she stayed till 11.30!

And tomorrow is St Paddy's day so we are going to the parade. Also the nettles have finally started coming up as have loads of wild 3 cornered leek so for dinner I made foraged nettle and leek pesto which was YUM and Josh made us some Heather tea he is experimenting for the brew with some foraged Heather.

In the garden

The Polytunnel fell down two more times but I have made a wooden trellis inside it so hopefully that will support it - 5th time lucky. It was so hot in Mulranny I have been in A T-SHIRT so I took the risk and planted carrots and broad beans outside. Salad mixes, radishes, cabbages and beetroot all coming up very well and the tomato seedlings I cheated and bought are growing rapidly because the Cushleka living room is an incredible green house and the whole room is now seeds. 

I was wondering why I kept getting the date wrong - turns out my calendar is for 2017..... 

P.s. loads of these photos are courtesy of Alana - even though I always complain when they are taken, I love them

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  1. Keeps getting better! Ps watching a steel face Irishmen walk down the mountain in pink fluffy socks is the dream.