Tuesday, 1 March 2016

That time Josh and I only brought the necessities...

After 17 hours and several do-it-yourself costa stops at service stations, we arrived. I actually enjoyed the driving; there are some beautiful moments in Wales. The ferry itself was a bit dodge. The decour was half b movie, 1970s motel and half casino.  I was the only woman in a “canteen” full of trucker men which made me feel a tiny bit uneasy and though the food looked like salad and chips, it only looked like salad and chips.
dinner in a "fancy" restaurant - stir fry and onion rings

We had 3 long hours after “lunch” where I had a nap, caffeined up and annoyed Josh.  Then we drove on and Josh took over some of the driving because my eyelids kept shutting which is sometimes dangerous on the motorway. We pulled in to Cushleka house at 11.30 pm which was amazing although the gates had been left open (so the sheep had been in)

On Friday we unpacked, Josh made a roast and I baked some Challah.  And some of the Mulranny characters who I am sure will make several appearances over the next few months started to introduce themselves.
absolute necessities - argan oil and nail animals

On Saturday I heard a knock on the living room door, it was Ann our lovely neighbour who had come on in to say hi and we had a brief conversation where we both had to repeat ourselves a lot but I think it went well. Josh and I also went for a stroll on Saturday and knocked on Margaret and Pat’s door who my sister Rachel had introduced herself to over Christmas. 
Josh bought with the one thing we can't live without - his Hungary (broken) magnet.
It turns out Pat lived in Child’s Hill for 40 years before moving to Borehamwood with Margaret and coming to Mulranny full time 3 years ago. A small world! Between them, they seem to run several clubs in Mulranny and we are joining all of them. Josh will be off to “men’s shed” and I am starting “craft” on Monday mornings and the “grow your own club” this weekend.
liquid smoke and fancy pasta - obligatory

We have now been to do the obligatory big shop at Tescos and Aldi - we went to both, I also managed to squeeze in an ice cream, sign up and swim in the swimming pool, made two fires in the fireplace and planted some alpine strawberries, sorrel, a few herb plants, horseradish and some fennel leaf.

Luckily Josh and I bought all the absolute necessities of life with us, we couldn’t fit in another thing!
lots of vinegars we brought with us

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  1. This blog is brilliant - we're hooked! Keep it coming.

  2. Brilliant. I think Keane is the gardener!! How do the beds we dug at Christmas look ?

  3. Love! Please don't become Midsomer Murders. x

  4. Love! Please don't become Midsomer Murders. x