Friday, 8 April 2016

The time my plants died, the sheep and goats got over the fence but we have a new son....

We are so happy to have Oli and Jon here for the weekend! See below - homemade bread, homemade scones and even.... HOMEMADE BUTTER!

Who is that little man in a beautiful tartan coat? His name is Archey, short for Archduke, he is two years old, a rescue dog who used to be stray ( he has little scars :( ), and a whippet cross with a Lurcher.   Our new son! The grandparents are thrilled.

St Brendans

I have started working finally at St Brendans two days a week. I work there with a couple of older guys - Henry and Brendan.    They have both been growing veggies for around 50 years so they have a lot of knowledge but sometimes listen (but mostly laugh at) my new permaculture ideas.

However I have done a ton of transplanting there and there are three big polytunnels and I get to take home some plants so it is worth it!

misty morning at the top of the booster - our daily walk
In the garden

As mum and dad arrived last weekend, a whole load of my seedlings started to shrivel up. I lost all my Brussel sprouts and a whole load of cabbage seedlings and salads as the living room was too hot. Also my tomato plants have also started to shrivel. I over watered them.

The sheep got over the fence. And then the wild goats also got over the fence - but Josh chased them out and there wasn't much for them to destroy anyway.

Josh's first brew went off.

My mini Polytunnels also fell down again but Dad helped me retrieve it so they weren't destroyed.  I have now dug one of them two foot into the ground and buried it and it has withstood some pretty big winds! I decided I trusted it enough to transplant my catch crop of radishes into so fingers crossed.

It sounds like it went wrong which it did but it's alright because Ireland is still really awesome and we can always just try again!

I am preparing my main crop potato bed using no dig methods (most of the garden is this way) which means I have to go down the road and shovel manure into bags and carry it back bit by bit....

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