Friday, 13 May 2016

Chickens, swimming in the Atlantic and Josh posing....

Well my responsibilities have increased pretty quickly having 4 children in the last two months. Current family count: Mum (Josh) and Dad (Talia), son Archie and 3 daughters;  Mrs Dalloway, Virginia and Colonel Queen Boudica. 

Virginia, Boudica, Mrs Dalloway

Unfortunately there is quite a lot of sibling rivalry. We had some chicken run times when the chickens escaped (3 times) and one of those times, Archie caught one... in his mouth.  So now Mrs Dalloway has a naked bum and has gone on egg laying strike until better protection is promised. 

Archie thinks he is the top of the pecking order

Boudica is the top of the pecking order and she pecks the others when they get in her way. Mostly the girls get on just fine and spend their days happily rummaged around in our compost heap and trying new ways to escape the fence only to try and immediately get back in (which they can't seem to manage). 
Josh thinks he is the top of the pecking order


Danni and Jam came for a few days and we had a good time! Me and Danni even braved the freezing temperatures of the Atlantic. #paradise #baywatch. And we started a band, first recordings coming soon. 

post swim ice cream


Goat puppets I make at Craft on Monday mornings with other older ladies who are teaching me to sew. 

I tried to sew a turban and it didn't work


We have excitingly had our first harvest, some radishes and salad and the beetroot looks nearly ready to pull up. Our first and second early potato crops are also doing so well and I have started hardening off our Courgettes and outdoor tomatoes. 

I made a makeshift polytunnel with free stuff I found

Potatoes in bags and laundry baskets and tomatoes, radishes, lettuces and a courgette 
one man and his dog
learning to sit in the car


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