Thursday, 20 December 2012

Rewear day 17

My Diane Von Furstenberg slinky silk dress worn usually for very special occasions without strap tops underneath - but it was just too cold not too. As I can only dry clean this - I nearly gave up the bet at this point but I hate losing.

Rewear day 18
You might be wondering Polka Dots? Talia? And you would be right as usually I am impartial to the trend. I have worn this dress 4 times in 3 years but I can't get rid of it because sometimes it is just what is needed for the occasion - a kind of smart, a bit funky occasion.

 Rewear day 19
I am sleeveless in Winter! But dont worry - my cashmere cardigan is just behind me. This is a Fever boutique dress - hand me down from my mum. I love it and wear it all the time usually with a white silk shirt underneath (when it is not in the wash).

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