Thursday, 13 December 2012

Rewear - getting to the dresses section of my wardrobe...

Rewear day 13

Luckily for me this is my favourite winter purchase - which I coincidentally bought at House of Beth. An Armani cardigan/jacket/poncho type item with cowgirl tassels draped diagonally and made of a few different types of blues - what could possibly be warmer. And the arms are fleece! Armani think of everything!

Rewear day 14

This is a nearly sheer, silver, glittery party dress which though I would never wear for work, looks pretty winter wonderland so at least it is winteryish- especially with my Anna Karenina headband. 

Rewear day 15
This is a purple/maroon/black velvet dress which I usually wear with high heels and a load of necklaces out on the town but I tried to make it somewhat suitable with my long sleeve underneath look. 

Rewear day 16
Nothing I can do with this lovely All Saints number from a couple of years ago other than embrace it. I have worn it probably 3 times at most and wearing it today makes me remember that I love it. 

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  1. I love your style and the interesting comments about buying vintage especially the comment about family.
    I am in my 40s and my 15-year-old daughter who is the same size raids my wardrobe on a daily basis. I am always amazed at the way she puts the clothes together.