Monday, 10 December 2012


Rewear Day 12

Definitely one of my top 3 items. My black Biba shirt with the awesome collar which you cant quite see here bought from Mary Portas' living and giving in Primrose Hill. My second favourite shop after House of Beth.

Rewear Day 11

A present from my very good friend and business partner Sarah. Beyond cool from Beyond retro crop top and bought to wear with my non charity shop purchase this year - my Karl Lagerfield leather. This takes out two items that were hanging next to each other (bypassing the rewear rules)

Rewear Day 10 

My vintage light floral jacket with shoulder pads from my favourite Hospice shop. Usually only appropriate for summer when you aren't trying to win a 'wear all your clothes left to right' bet.

Rewear Day 9 

Love this all (faux) fur gillet from one of Marylebone's charity shops even though the boyfriend asked why I was dressed like a Viking. I wore it with my woollen smart dress and lots of necklaces. I was warm all day and have pledged to wear it more than just to firework's night (which is why I bought it two years ago). 

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