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What Women Wear: Cllr. Susette Palmer MA

What Women Wear 
Cllr. Susette Palmer MA

Lesley George skirt  Silky Kaftan and Justine Silverstone necklace
Susette is the Liberal Democrat councillor for the Childs Hill ward on the London Borough of Barnet Council. She teaches knitting classes and studies glass bead making which she puts into practice through her beautiful bead and silver jewellery creations as well as being an occasional lecturer on cruise ships on the subject of Ancient Civilizations. Susette is also the political wife of the Councillor Lord Monroe Palmer, mother of 3 and  grandmother of seven. 

What do you wear to work?

I wear dark trousers and a contrasting jacket usually Pink, Royal Blue or Aubergine to council meetings.  I occasionally take out the Jean Muir suits (which I bought from the closing down sale).

Vintage Blu Charme shirt and Jennifer Sturrock necklace
Is fashion important to you?

Yes – I have an eye for it and you can’t teach knitting without knowing the trends and the colours.  I find black and grey is extremely boring and I enjoy colours and patterns.

Joyce Ridings cardigan and Indian Silk dress

When buying an item of clothing what are your main considerations?

I generally start with “this is what I need to complete my wardrobe” and I end with something I spot in the corner of a shop. I recently went to buy a blue t-shirt and ended up with a red jacket with butterflies (and the blue T shirt!).

What is your favourite item of clothing and why?

My beautifully embroidered Anokhi jacket from Liberty. I bought it probably in 1970 and it was extortionately expensive for me even in the Liberty sale but I am still wearing it today.

Gerard Darel maxi dress and Justine Silverstone necklace

Who is the woman you admire most from past or present?

Eleanor of Aquitaine – very political, very interesting woman who travelled far and achieved much in an era when male dominance was the norm.

Styled and Interviewed by House of Beth

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