Monday, 20 August 2012

Fifty Shades of Fashion
The World has seen a myriad of colours over the past few weeks; here in the U.K it’s been all about sporting the reds, blues and whites of the Union Jack. But also the metallic shades of Gold, Silver and Bronze. While this has all been rather exhilarating, nothing has wetted our literary appetites more than those fifty shades of grey!
E.L James’s debut novel has made grey one of the hottest colours around. The novel ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ has taken the world by storm being the fastest selling book of all time. It seems that we can’t get enough of the kinky Mr Christian Grey. The movie is in the pipeline and Fifty Shades fanatics are waiting on tenterhooks to see who will play the lead role.
For those of you who have been living on a desert island for the past couple of months, the novel charts the meeting and then subsequent sexual adventures of billionaire business tycoon (and BDSM enthusiast) Christian Grey with the innocent and inexperienced Anastasia Steele. The two begin what at first seems like a professional physical relationship soon developing into something that neither of them expect or know how to deal with. To say that this novel is ‘engaging’ is the understatement of the century!
Are you a fan of the demanding but delicious Mr Grey? Do you want to express your love for all things grey? Well there’s been no better time to do so! Check out the fabulous range of sensual grey clothing and accessories on House of Beth.

For something figure hugging and very sensual on the skin, we love this Elm Dress in a size 8-10. The fancy detailed tie belt is not only figure enhancing but in keeping with some of the themes of the book. Belts are featured heavily in the novel so you will be right on trend with this beautiful dress.

Just who wears the trousers in the relationship between Anastasia and Christian? Why Mr Grey of course! Or so it seems at first. Get in on the action with this fitted straight legged number. Perfect for the office or even when being flown to exotic locations in the personal helicopter of a billionaire play boy! Team these trousers with a fitted blouse that will show off all those curves, playful but professionally discreet at the same time.

Mr Grey is known to be a little on the serious side and perhaps needs to lighten up. But it just wouldn’t be the same! There is something so attractive about the alpha male that some of us girlies just adore. However this is no reason why you can’t add something a little fun and flirty to your own grey style: Try this fabulous Deci Dela knitted dress with a chiffon style bottom, perfect for those more romantic evenings out!

Love Hema X

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