Friday, 3 August 2012

Can't get enough of denim!

There’s no denying it, the love affair with denim is never going to quite diminish. This extends to whether it’s a highly priced pair of jeans or something you picked up from a second-hand store. The more pre-loved the better in so many cases. It’s one of the most versatile fabrics, originally used for ‘worker’ clothing. The hard wearing durability of denim was prized above style, but this fabric soon evolved to become a highly stylised item. It’s just so surprisingly figure flattering, sensual even - it wasn’t long before the fashion industry sat up and paid attention. 

The major appeal is that anyone can wear it; from teenager to pensioner. It was a massive hit with youth throughout the 70’s and 80’s, the statement of rebellion. Blondie’s Debbie Harry rocked the fitted and oh-so-feminine denim look along with the likes of The Rolling Stones and Queen.
While always being on trend, denim has evolved and dare I say it ‘grown up’ a little from those heady days of the neon and pastel hued eighties. Every season seems to have a different take on denim style whether it is Combat Jeans or Flairs, or the return of the denim jacket. But how is it done this season? 

Layering it: This is a very cool way of wearing your denim this season; why not try wearing that short jeans jacket with a florals or a striped shirt and barely-there vest top? Roll up the sleeves to reveal the details of your shirt. Think ‘Preppy’ and you will make an inspired summer statement.

Mix it: Denim is arguably one of the few fabrics that can be teamed with practically any other pattern, go ahead and be as experimental as you like with it. Try your hand at adding an Aztec or ethnic style pattern to your denim outfit. It’s all about the tribal print this autumn so be ahead of the trend.

D.I.Y Denim: Feel free to mess about with your denim, rip it up, tie or dip dye it, there are no hard and fast rules to doing it alone. Denim is a touch fabric so can endure a multitude of sins should you so wish to give that worn pair of jeans a new lease of life.

Wear it oversized: Have that favourite piece of denim clothing that just doesn’t fit anymore? Perhaps you have lost a ton of weight on that diet but still adore your denim summer coat. Not ready to part with it just yet? There’s no reason why you should completely give up on wearing it, oversized demin is the rock & roll alternative to leather for the summer.

By Hema

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