Thursday, 6 September 2012

What women wear: Sarah Sleeter

What Women Wear
Sarah Sleeter

FX/SWAPS/CDS Analyst at where Bloomberg LP (Finance for those who don’t know!) Sarah is a lover of all things fashion – not just the everyday clothes but the artwork, the couture.

Ralph Lauren ruffle shirt and Shirin guild skirt

What do you wear to work?

Smart wear – not usually suits though except for an important meeting.
We are the only department not to get casual Friday’s because my boss hates jeans. I like being smart and getting dressed up though.

Yes – I think even as a kid I would experiment with different things though not always successfully (still not always successfully!). I think presentation is important. I like a mix of trends and my own style – not every trend looks nice on every person. I do read fashion magazines but not religiously.

When buying an item of clothing what are your main considerations?

Price and Quality. I like labels – because usually they are better quality. I don’t mind paying a little bit more because it lasts longer.

Catwalk Collection skirt, D&G top, Swarvski and pearl necklace
What is your favourite item of clothing and why?

My knee length cashmere sweater/jumper/cardigan. It is like wearing a blanket around you. I cant wait till it gets cold out so I can wear it out! I bought it in a shop in Manhatten called Olive and Bette.
I prefer London shopping to Manhatten – I think the quality is nicer and I like the European influence.  I love jewellery but I am too afraid to have any wild jewellery so it is all a bit delicate.

Who is the woman you admire most from past or present?

Armani scarf and Armani dress
I admire bits of different women. In the past it has been important for women to be successful in family life, then with feminism women became career focused, but now we want to be successful in both which puts a tremendous amount of pressure on women. So when answering this question do I choose a woman who has succeeded in family life? Or is it important to choose one who has achieved academically, or politically? Or is it a woman who has been able to juggle both successfully?

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