Thursday, 27 September 2012

Tips on Warm Living:


Perhaps a thicker version of this?
Autumn thus far, has been freezing, and we all know it’s only going to get worse. Rain, hail, wind. Wrap up warmly our mothers say, but the truth is, no matter how many layers you expertly put together, out in the blistering streets, your face will always be cold and exertions will make your body sweaty. Until Alexander McQueen showcases some wearable-ish balaclavas (maybe with lace?) nothing is going to help.

You can feel it coming; this weather can not be stopped nor denied. So I am going to offer you some suggestions on how to keep you warm with some blogs to keep you smiling, though from your hair icicles may be dangling.

Duvet Sandwich: My housemate used to do this, making a duvet sandwich, with one duvet below and one on top. Like a much less restrictive, elongated sleeping bag. Perfect with a hot water bottle if you’re not already sharing your bed with a human heater (man/woman).

Heat things: Once upon a time I was working in Manchester (God, it was so cold!) and I think my favourite day ever was when a company were giving heating pads out free at Manchester Piccadilly station. They are small bundles of heat joy you can stuff in your pockets, nestling your gloved fingers next to them. 

Blogs to read: Apart from House of Beth of course, here’s a few that will warm the cockles of your lungs.
A curvy-friendly read:

All you’ll ever need to know on chic dressing:

London centered, savvy reviews on fashion & culture

For the feminist leaning amongst you

Ethical fashion news

Always great comedic value

Keep dreaming, laughing and stay warm.

By Rosalind Kendal

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