Thursday, 8 November 2012

Halloween: were you a sexy cat?

My favourite Halloween outfits.

This Halloween I attended a few parties, excited to see the weird and wonderful outfits that the world would come up with. Forgetting that neither party were a particularly artsey crowd like previously attended Halloweens, this excitement proved to be somewhat premature. Black & sexy was the call of the evening. One party, the majority of girls wore a little black dress with ears and at the other, almost every girl wore a black catsuits or corsets with ears. This menagerie was what I half expected, but nevertheless, I was disappointed. Today I would like to give a visual shout out to the outfits that didn’t disappoint in their imaginative scope and suggestion.

An aristocrat beheaded in the french revolution.

I particularly loved her outfit that not only looked visually beautiful with her sparkly bruises, but also told a story. 

A metally tortured ballerina. 

She told me she had spent weeks getting her outfit together and the imaginative effort to create this fabulous Black Swan costume was not in vain. The belle of the ball. 

1920s Downton Abbey style. 

While I strictly was only at the pre-dinner of this party - the beautiful outfits are the most glamorous I saw that evening. 1920s Headpieces brought from House of Beth!

By Rosalind Kendal

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