Thursday, 29 November 2012

What Women Wear

Hannah wears Guess Top and Collar

Hannah Nepil 

Hannah is a  freelance classical music journalist which means that on any given day she is likely to be found either reviewing something at an opera house or concert hall, interviewing musicians or writing about them. She also plays the violin - "increasingly dodgily" - and she has recently set up an orchestra which is about to give its first performance.

Hannah wears Zara dress and Collar

2. What do you wear to work?

It depends where I'm going - for the more formal music magazines,
something more conservative, like a longish velvet skirt for example.For more relaxed journalistic offices - jeans, or short dresses. Atthe opera house - anything from ripped jeans to a full-on ball gown,
depending on my mood, ability to plan ahead, and whatever happens to
be hanging in my wardrobe that day.
Hannah wears cos leotard & Collar

3. Is fashion important to you?
Not really - I tend to just wear the things I like and think look good. Having said that, I probably subconsciously follow trends even though I don't realise I'm doing it.

4. When buying an item what are your main considerations?

The way it hangs is the most important thing, then the material,
colour, pattern and whether it's likely to fall apart in three weeks.

Hannah wears Jennifer Sturrock necklace & Prada heels
5. What is your favourite item of clothing and why?
A blue-green chiffony mini-dress with a rounded collar and pleating
down the front that I bought from Joy last year, probably because it's

quite an unusual style, the colour is very vibrant and really stands
out, and the fit is perfect. If - for whatever reason - I really wantto look like the best version of myself - I will probably wear that

6. Who is the woman you admire most from the past or present?
Probably Jane Austen.
Hannah wearing Topshop tea dress

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