Wednesday, 21 November 2012

I recently moved to a new flat and am for the first time sharing my closet (and room) with my boyfriend. As I was unpacking my clothes and hanging them all up in order of shirts, skirts and dresses, the boyfriend exclaimed he had "never seen any of them". I was horrified! I went through all the clothes and argued I wear them all the time, I then went through and explained where I had worn each item. 
Me: "I wore this to that special night in Rome! AND to that dinner a few months ago!" 
Him: "When did you buy it?"
Me: "Two years ago..."
Him: "wearing it twice in two years does not count as wearing it all the time"
Maybe he had a point but I love all my clothes and even if I haven't worn that dress for a while I know there will be an occasion at some point in the future where I will wear it, love it and nothing else will do - wont I? Or maybe it will sit in my cupboard for another two years waiting for that 'perfect' event. I started questioning why I was saving my clothes especially as I dont actually believe in keeping things for special occasion. So I have made a decision: To wear all my clothes hanging in my wardrobe from left to right. 

Day one: My fake furry jacket I bought at 15 from a boutique in Covent Garden. I haven't worn in it a few years but have now rediscovered why I love it! So far not only am I rewearing my clothes, I am rediscovering why I should wear them more! 

Day two: One of my favourite work shirts I bought from Zara before I went ethical a couple of years ago. I had no problem rocking up to work in this. 

Day three: So today was a little inappropriate - or very inappropriate. This white backless, braless holterneck that looks initially like a sheet (the boyfriend says) but then turns into a 'top' wonderful for a beach club. Not for a rainy day in Watford Junction.... 

What will tomorrow be like?

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